Our duo-labels are suitable for products that must have space for more detailed text. With three printable pages, the label area is sufficient for both information and different languages, without sacrificing a selling appearance. Our duo-labels have opening flaps, and can be resealed.

The nifty label

At first glance, the duo-label looks like a plain, simple label. The format is customizable, and the number of colours range from single colour to multi-colour printing in offset, letterpress, screen, flexographics and UV flexographics. The label can be printed on foil, varnished or embossed to create special effects. The difference is that the duo-label consists of two sheets; one self-adhesive base label and one applied label that can be opened using the tab, and then closed again.

Thanks to this solution for opening, the duo-label has plenty of space. Therefore, it is often used for products that need detailed information about handling and safety. There are many possibilities for sales messages and safety information, and we are more than happy to help you find the right duo-label for your product.