Labels with alarm tags

Swedish retailing is suffering from heavy losses caused by theft and shoplifting, and the cost of this is enormous – close to six billion SEK a year. Nordvalls’ labels with alarm tags are a sustainable and cost-efficient solution to this problem.

Our labels with alarm tags consist of a completely ‘normal’ label, printed in, for example, UV-flexo. Then an alarm tag is inserted between the label’s front and backing sheets. This is done after printing, in a special machine at Nordvalls.

Just like the RFID-tag, but with some differences

The alarm tag can to a certain extent be compared to an RFID-tag, but with one significant difference. While the RFID-tag is a passive tag which uses the current in the signal of the reader, the alarm tag is active and contains its own power source. As a result of this, it continuously transmits a signal. If it passes by an alarm gate without having been scanned, it will trigger the alarm.

The future is bright for labels with alarm tags

Labels with alarm tags seem to be heading form a bright future. As can be gathered from the grim figures above, losses resulting from crime are a major problem for Swedish retailing. Nordvalls’ alarm tags are a solution to this. They are one of the most cost-efficient ways of reducing losses, and the alarm tags can basically be applied to any label. Definitely a good investment for theft-attractive product.