Multi-coloured labels

If you are looking for interesting decor and profiling, check out our multi-coloured labels. This type of label is a best seller, as it stands out on the shelf and grabs the consumer’s attention. It may be on a package with chemical-technical contents, on food products or on health food products.

Print with up to nine colours, including enamel

För att få till spännande dekorer och en god färgåtergivning To make exciting decor with good colour replication, we print with up to nine colors including enamel. We help you select the print method that best reflects your message, whether it be offset, letterpress, UV-flexographic, flexographic or screen print. In addition we can sheet, lacquer, laminate and emboss in order to reinforce your message in an even more persuasive way.

The label must be able to follow the product during filling, storage, transport and exposure, and still look as fresh as when it was made, despite repeated handling by the consumer.

Digital printing for test print

At product launches, it is often a good idea to test the package’s ability to grab the consumer’s attention. That’s when we make test runs, to allow you to test your idea on decision making groups and test panels. With a small trial run, it’s cheaper and easier to do this with digital printing. A combination of multi colored and digital prints can save a lot of time and money during development.