Med Nordvalls flerbladsetiketter får du plats med mycket utförlig produktinformation och olika språkversioner även om etiketteringsytan är begränsad.

With our smart multi-labels with adhesive carrier, you get space for very detailed product information and various language versions even though the label surface is limited.

Our multi-labels consist of the basic label and a sheet set with one or more text sheets that are put together. You can choose to print in one or several colours, on one or several pages, and the sheet set can be placed anywhere on the basic label. However, care must be taken to the variation of the multi-label you choose and how the application equipment works.

The multi-label saves packaging materials

The label is often applied directly onto the product and you do not use the outer packaging to keep the information and the product together. We will help you select the appropriate number of pages, where the information should be and how folding and sealing should be performed.

Open, tear or seal again

We always laminate out multi-labels to give pressure and to give the structure itself a protective surface. In some simple cases, the label can only be opened at the time of use. We provide it with slots and perforation. In other cases, we make it possible to open and close it again. There are many solutions we can help you with!