Non-printed and pre-printed labels

Hos oss kan du köpa otryckta och förtryckta etiketter, för tilltryck i termotransferskrivare.

At Nordvalls, we provide non-printed and pre-printed labels that can further be printed in thermal transfer printers. The label is often used to steer the product through a production process, for example for handling and management of inventory, and to determine distribution routes. It is an absolute requirement that the labels can be read without misunderstanding that could disrupt or even halt production.

Readability under all conditions

The labels’ printability is everything. Bar codes, warning signs and other information must be printed clearly, whether they are printed on paper or plastic. Therefore, you can always feel safe when using our labels – because we make sure they are good! Our certified equipment verification of bar codes also helps us in our efforts to ensure quality.

Fresh despite rough handling

It must be easy to apply the label on the product, regardless of the shape of the product. The label must be able to withstand stress in a tough work environment, and be able to handle transport, and still be perfectly readable when it reaches its destination. We are more than happy to help you!