Tickets and tags

At Nordvalls in Kungälv we have a long tradition of manufacturing tickets and tags. We provide specially designed tickets in various formats for operas, theatres, arenas, cinemas and museums as well as for league games, individual events and major championships. You can also order parking tickets, logistics tags, transport tickets and queue tickets.

Great returns from an environmental perspective

Tickets and tags are also much used in production facilities, when you don’t want adhesives involved in the process, such as when sorting boxes, sacks and wagons. It is common to treat all tickets and tags as recycled paper, which is of great benefit from an environmental perspective.

Security features to guarantee authenticity

We can apply various security features to the tickets to prevent forgery. An example of this is coatings that can only be seen in UV light. Another is for the print to be activated at a certain temperature. This allows you to carry out spot checks by pressing the thumb on the print to make it appear. Another security solution is using print that only becomes visible when scratching it with a coin. As you can see, there are many possibilities!