What does sustainability mean to us as Nordvalls?

At Nordvalls we believe that ecological, financial and social sustainability are connected and have an effect on each other. Taking into consideration and actively working with all these areas leads to real sustainability. Sustainability that lasts and achieves results. What do we mean when we talk about sustainability at Nordvalls? In what way are we working to ensure that future generations are able to satisfy their needs?

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Sustainable production and sustainable products for our shared future

Today many companies talk about the importance of sustainable solutions and products. Many new companies are highlighting sustainability as a major part of their business. We think that is very positive. Since Nordvalls was founded in 1907 we have been developing in step with the market around us and the needs of our customers.

We are happy that customers are increasingly demanding sustainable production and products that take our shared environment and future into consideration. As a supplier of labels for businesses within many different industries, we endeavour to offer a range of environmentally friendly and climate-conscious materials that is as wide as possible.

Would you like to talk to use about sustainable and eco-friendly materials? Our salespeople will tell you and are happy to show you what we can offer.

One hundred years of sustainable business

For more than a century Nordvalls has had a strong local presence and we are proud to have been an employer you can count on for many people over many years. Here at Nordvalls we see sustainability as being about maintaining our 113 year-long history as a printing company in the best possible way. That means that we scrupulously adhere to applicable laws and ordinances concerning the use of chemicals, waste management, the working environment and health and safety.

We work purposefully to develop and streamline the quality of both our production and our products. We take the environment, the climate and people into consideration in all decisions we make regarding our production, our manufacturing and the way we do business. We are aware of our responsibility to be a decent employer that contributes to and gives back to the community of which we are a part and take this responsibility seriously.

That is what we mean by sustainability.

Our Compliance

Our work is characterized by transparency and entrepreneurship from the first contact. We act collaborative and solution-oriented and in a respectful and open way with each other.

All employees of Nordvalls Etikett AB are required to comply with applicable laws and internal company regulations. To ensure compliant behaviour, we have established PID group-wide * compliance minimum requirements as well as appropriate prevention and control measures.

* Nordvalls Etikett AB is a member of POSSEHL Identification Solutions (PID), a part of the POSSEHL Group.

Whistleblower protection act

With the implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Act, we offer suppliers, customers, partners, and employees the opportunity to report incidents anonymously. Report incident here.

For information according to the German Supply Chain Duty of Care Act (Lieferketten-sorgfaltspflichtengesetz), you can find further procedural information here.

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