Tickets and tags for parking, events and performances

Here at Nordvalls you will find tags and tickets in the form of parking tickets, logistics tags, transportation tickets and queue numbers.

Nordvalls offers custom-made tickets in various formats for performances, sporting events and other situations where physical tickets are used. To make your tickets unique, you can choose between a wide range of colours and finishes, on the front as well as on the reverse.

Tickets and tags are also used within production facilities. As they do not contain adhesive, the tickets and tags can be recycled as paper, which is a clear advantage from an environmental perspective.

Security function guarantees authenticity

In order to avoid forgery, it is possible to apply various security functions to the tickets. Varnish that is only visible under UV light is one example. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about different types of security functions for tags and tickets.

Not able to find what you are looking for?

 Do not hesitate to contact our customer support. They will be happy to help you find the right label.