Sustainable labels that are environmentally friendly for our customers products as well as for our common future is a strong focus for us at Nordvalls. Our label experts know that many product developers and label buyers are faced with the challenge of developing a label that is aesthetically pleasing, meets functional requirements, is within budget and at the same time contributes to sustainable development. An important part of our future work is to protect our environment through sustainable production and an environmentally friendly labels.
Today, we offer at Nordvall’s many different materials that are simply divided into four environmentally friendly categories.

miljövänliga etiketter

Recycled material

There are several ways for you as a label buyer to contribute to a more sustainable world. At Nordvalls, we help companies that want to take advantage of the concept of circular economy. By taking advantage of what has already been used and using label materials with up to 30% recycled content, important resources such as water and electricity are saved while Co2 emissions are reduced.


Responsible sources

Nordvalls is a FSC®-certified printing company, which means that we follow the FSC®’s (Forest Stewardship Council®) rules for forestry and traceability. As a label customer, you can feel confident that the material comes from responsible sources who show care for both people and the environment.


Thinner material

An environmentally friendly label is good at using only what is needed. It is cleverly designed and makes sure to use the material to the fullest while not using anything unnecessary. In Nordvall’s production, we aim to reduce waste, make room for more labels on the roll and more rolls in the box. Reduced material consumption produces less oil, water and energy, which leads to a reduced carbon dioxide footprint.

Simplify recycling and reuse

What is used on your products can often be used again. Nordvalls helps you find a label that meets your goals while creating a high recycling possibility. Today’s consumers are placing ever higher demands on both products and packaging, and the right choice of label affects how well it is possible to recycle the entire packaging. Nordvalls takes responsibility all the way to the end user and our label solutions support more efficient recycling.

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The label is of importance and makes a difference. By choosing wisely, you can ensure that it makes a difference both for the product it is on, but also for the climate footprint it leaves behind. We help you integrate the label into your overall sustainability thinking.

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