Labels for identification

Does your company manufacture products? Many of the labels we supply from Nordvalls play an important role in a production flow. In order for different units and components to move efficiently and smoothly through the production process, it is often a requirement that they be clearly labelled.

The label in a production flow may be small but the consequences are often large if it is missing. A component that cannot be identified in a reliable manner can easily create a problem in the flow and often has to be discarded. The surface that the label is to be attached to is also important to consider when choosing the material and adhesive. Talk to one of our experienced salespeople or our customer support for guidance.

Etiketter för märkning Nordvalls

Contact our salespeople to discuss what we can do for your particular business.

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Identification labels

Here at Nordvalls we have many years’ experience producing labels for manufacturing and production. Many of our customers are producers and manufacturing companies that use labels to identify their products with barcodes or other information that makes the product traceable and identifiable. That means that we are familiar with many of the challenges producers faces.

At Nordvalls we know how important it is that the label works with your labelling equipment and your other products and working methods. Contact our salespeople to discuss what we can do for your particular business.

What do our customers say about us?

The labels are a channel through which we communicate our brand. They are important to sales and must look good on the shelf.

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