Safety guarantee

When we develop your label, we care about how the product looks, whether the label will stay on or be taken off, how long it needs to work, what kind of mechanical and chemical pressures it must be able to withstand, and what its purpose is. Quality and environmental standards are other factors we include, as well as whether it is possible to print later and how it will be applied.

We know what we’re talking about

Based on these conditions, we select a suitable front material, adhesives, inks, and a printing method and printing press – whether the project is for a simple label on white paper, or a complicated multi-coloured polypropylene label. We also take into account how we can strengthen your message through lamination, coating, foil stamping and embossing.

We can choose between 400-500 different front materials, combine these with 50 different adhesive, six printing methods, and a couple of different back papers and silicon layers when producing a label. Combining these components and all possible variations into the optimal solutions puts great demands on us as producers. You can confidently choose Nordvalls – we know what we’re talking about!