Environmental policy

As a producer of labels and special printed materials, NORDVALLS ETIKETT AB shall pursue ongoing environmental work based on an environmental awareness throughout the organisation.

Through information and clear leadership our employees shall understand their role in reducing the company’s external impact on the environment. Consideration for the environment must be shown in every decision and on all levels of the organisation.

Wherever possible we shall choose renewable raw materials, be sparing with limited resources, use efficient manufacturing methods and ensure overall that production and products have the least possible impact on the environment.

The waste that occurs from our activities shall be sorted and sent for recycling or destruction.

We endeavour to choose and change to chemicals with the least effect in terms of the environment, health and fire.

The business shall be run such that we comply with the laws and regulations set out in environmental law as well as other requirements placed on the business and products.

To minimise any negative impact on the environment we have drawn up relevant and measurable goals set according to our important environmental aspects.
We work with ongoing improvements by assessing our performance in the environmental area, following up on our goals and conducting regular audits.

Patrik Jenemark
Managing Director