Labels for food and beverage

If you’re not visible, you don’t exist. You probably already knew that. In the food and beverages industry, it is important that products stand out from the shelf so that the consumer chooses your product. The packaging decor is a contributing factor explaining why consumers select a product over another, and the label is therefore one of your very best salespeople.

The label should also have built-in quality

The label must not only look good, it should also have built-in quality The label must be able to withstand the customer’s wear and tear, and it must meet the high demands on hygiene impose in the business, including mechanical and chemical tension.

The difference between a good label and a bad one can be in the material, the print, how it is applied, and of course the design itself. With our digital press, we have the possibility of doing smaller test runs if wanted. We give you all the help you need, so that you can be certain that everything is done right!