Labels for industrial use

At Nordvalls, we produce labels for a variety of industries, including the automotive industry, plastic manufacturing, shipping and glassworks.

In industry, there are many different and stringent requirements for functional labels. These include the ability to withstand heat, harsh outdoor environments and the influence of chemicals. The label may be placed on a rough and uneven surface, such as outside in cold weather or in direct sunlight. Or, it might even have to be able to stay on a product under water.

We will guide you to the right alternative

For industry, there is a wealth of materials to choose from, so that you can achieve the desired function and choice of materials. This includes the choice of adhesive. In some cases, the labels should also be laminated for protection and increased durability.

Nordvalls has long experience with and thorough knowledge of materials and adhesives, and we can guide you to the right alternative. Our labels can handle most conditions.

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