When it’s time to order labels questions often arise. What material suits my product? How do I get the label to resemble the design? Can I make some parts of the labels come through more than others? What format is most suitable? What volumes can I order and what delivery times can I expect? 

At Nordvalls we are happy to help you navigate the label questions. Below you can easily book a digital meeting or, if you should prefer it, a phone call with one of our label advisors. 

Nordvalls Etikett




  • David Håkansson

    Account Manager

    David is an Account Manager based in Sjöbo, Skåne, happy to help you find labels that make a difference to your business. David has worked with producing our labels and therefore has good knowledge of the design and format of labels.

  • Liselott Widerström

    Key Account Manager

    Liselott is a Key Account Manager with many years of experience in helping companies find the right label for a variety of products. She has particularly extensive experience in bottle labels and several of the customers she works with are breweries, beauty and cosmetics companies and chemical engineering companies. Liselott is based in Stockholm.

  • Frederick Trip

    Key Account Manager

    Frederick is an experienced Key Account Manager with southern Sweden as his workplace. Based in Malmö and Sjöbo, he helps companies find labels that create value and that work in a number of different situations. Among the customers Frederick works with are breweries, tobacco companies and food companies, but also a whole range of other industries.

  • Jeanette Ericsson

    Key Account Manager Pharma

    Jeanette is a Key Account Manager specializing in labels for pharmaceutical companies, health food companies and companies that work according to very strict regulations for manufacturing and production. Among the customers Jeanette works with are both large and small companies.

  • Mikael Bergqvist


    Manager Mikael is a sales who, based in Jönköping, works with customers, especially in western Sweden and Småland. He works with customers in most industries from logistics and e-commerce to the food and manufacturing industry

  • Johan Antonsson

    Key Account Manager

    Johan is a salesman based in the Gothenburg area. He has several years of experience working with label customers. He has particularly extensive experience of breweries and large industrial companies, but he is used to helping most types of companies find the label solutions that best suit them.



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